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Feb. 6, 2020: Bill Carl Boomer

Tonal Vision featured Bill Carl Boomer as our third act of Mice in the Attic music series Season 2. Bill is a Baltimore area alternative SoundCloud rap artist.

“Mice in the Attic” is Tonal Vision’s biweekly streaming music series designed to showcase the depth and breadth of Baltimore’s music scene and to give up-and-coming performers the opportunity for broader exposure. Alex Carle, the lead singer of City Line Kids, hosts the series.


I like to call my sound alternative SoundCloud rap or ringtone rap! This because 90% of my songs are short but will give out intense feelings of happiness, sadness, or just make you want to dance.

I’ve been on the underground scene for about a year now and I hope one day I’ll make a huge impact in the Baltimore underground culture. Since last summer I have been throwing a few basement rap shows/house parties with my collective JUST WALK to give the city something different for the summer to try out, and other artist a platform with my platform. I call these shows "Secret Shows" because we do not post them, and you will only know about it if you've received a DM. So far there's been 5 shows with 60-100+.


Set List

Cancun Hoes!


Host: Alex Carle, City Line Kids
Music Producer & Streaming Manager: Kraig Greff
Video Producer, Videographer & Animation: Jacquie Greff
Videographer/Photographer: Mya Montgomery