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Dec. 20, 2018: City Line Kids Christmas Episode

We are proud to feature Alex Carle of City Line Kids as our fifth act from Mice in the Attic, Tonal Vision’s live streaming music series. City Line Kids is an Americana/Pop band based in Baltimore, MD. This episode was originally scheduled to feature Arelia Joy, who cancelled last minute due to illness. Instead, Alex Carle and Kraig Greff team up to offer a Christmas episode.

To learn more about City Line Kids, listen to their music, find show dates and watch some of their music videos, visit

Performer Bio

In a fast-paced world of work and worry, why not slow down to celebrate the lighter side of life? This was the question that singer-songwriter Alex Carle asked himself one day in 2014 as he began writing the first songs that would introduce his new music project, City Line Kids, to the world. Having grown up in Baltimore, MD, Carle was exposed to the dichotomy of life in the city. Some appeared downtrodden while others lived lives of leisure; some embodied their anxieties while others embraced a calm stillness.

Determined to capture these competing yet complimentary emotions that ripen on the city line, Alex decided to cross genres and pursue elements of folk, pop, punk, rock, world, country, and reggae to create a new sound that is unique to Baltimore and City Line Kids. With the release of the band’s first LP, About Time – an album that compiles fun and contemplative reflections of a fading adolescence – in 2016, Alex saw a new community begin to develop around the band’s music with love and kindness serving as its foundation. Before long, Alex was no longer the sole member of City Line Kids as the band grew to include an ever-changing number of musicians from a wide range of backgrounds.

Perusing their unrelenting drive to incorporate more new musical styles, genre-bending instruments, and lyrical themes into their “Americana Pop” sound, City Line Kids released the Locals EP in 2017, a melancholy-yet-optimistic record that illustrates just how quickly the band is evolving. City Line Kids are excited to continue this evolution and their exploration of the world around them with the release of their sophomore album, 'Cosmic Paddleboard.'

For booking information, call (443) 465-2306,
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Set List

Good Enough
Space to Grow
I Don't Want to Say Goodbye
Trouser Ghost
Silent Night


Host: Alex Carle, City Line Kids
Producer & Streaming Manager: Kraig Greff
Business Manager, Photographer & Streaming switcher: Jacquie Greff
Copywriter & Videographer: Mya Montgomery
Graphic Artist: Dee Sambataro