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History at Risk Season 5

History at Risk

"History at Risk" was Tonal Vision's web series documentary detailing the more unconventional parts of American history, which garnered thousands of views on YouTube and Vimeo.  The show ran from 2013 to 2018.

In its final fifth season, the History at Risk web video series focused on the Broadway Markets, covering their rise, importance, decline, and uncertain future. The markets in Baltimore, MD are the largest public market system in the nation and one of the oldest.  Built in the 1780’s, the Broadway Markets in Fell’s Point once served as a meeting spot for traders coming to Baltimore.  In 2018 when Season 5 aired, their future was uncertain — only one of the two buildings was open and the other sat empty.

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Looking for Fell's Point?

The History at Risk web site at one time also included Fell's Point information, but now the two are separate sites: FellsPoint.US home page, Milestones in Fell's Point's History, Historic Maps of Fell's Point, Fell's Point Out of Time Documentary, Fell's Pointer Newsletters.