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Season 4, Episode 2: Gangs of Baltimore

In this episode, Frank finds out that the Charm City has another, darker nickname that grew out of the gang violence from the 1800s.

Frank's Thoughts

Crime history has always fascinated me. I grew up reading novels about criminals, watching “true” movies, and just collecting what I could. I was lucky enough to visit Alcatraz, I saw Bonnie and Clyde’s “Death Car” in Nevada, and I saw where criminals were executed in London past.

So when quite a few people pointed me towards Jeff Bejima, I eagerly visited him. If you click through to the full interview, you’ll see it’s one of our longest interviews. I could sit and talk with him for hours (I still do actually). It’s really captivating to talk with someone who is trying to dig up the true history of a location. The history that isn’t sanded down and glossed over. It makes me wonder about other places I have hung my hat. What hidden histories do they hold?

And I think that anyone who is a history enthuse, they really should try and find that history. Don’t take everything at face value. History isn’t always written about accurately. Heck, sometimes we don’t find evidence until years later that an event happened differently. History is always getting revised.

So what do we do about this? If you’re into a subject, do your own independent research. Look up old newspaper articles online. Then cross check again and again. If you do that enough, you’ll be able to whittle out the lies, and keep the truth, just like Jeff does.

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