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Season 3, Episode 8: The Renaissance Man

In the final episode of season 3, Frank journeys inside the studio of artist and writer Shawn Martinbrough to talk about the power comics have to open people up to not only history, but places, people, and perspectives.

Frank's Thoughts

I have always been a huge fan of comics. Even if I didn’t actively collect comics when I was younger, I’d always keep up with what was going on. (Usually I’d wait until a bunch of comics came out as a trade...I was more into the story and the art than the collecting aspect of it).

But one thing I always did during the late 90s, and early 00s, was read Wizard Magazine to keep abreast of what was going on in the world of comics. And one section they used to have was “what’s the best comics of the month.”

Well, in Mid-2000, I was reading a copy of Wizard when I came to that section. It said, “If you only buy one comic this month, get Detective Comics 743.” They said the writer and penciller were great.

Fast forward to finding out I got an interview with Shawn Martinbrough. I knew he worked on Thief of Thieves but I wanted to see what else he had done, so I searched online. His run on Detective Comics came up...which included Detective Comics 743. And not only was he the penciller, one of my current favorite comic book writers was the writer for that run (Greg Rucka).

I kind of like how sometimes things can come full circle like that. How was I to know 14 years ago that I would be interviewing the person who drew the comic in my hand.

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