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History at Risk Season 1:
Fell's Point

History at Risk poster

Frank Tybush has been parking on the same brick streets for years now. He works for Jacquie Greff, producer for Tonal Vision, which is located in historical Fell’s Point, one of the nation’s oldest communities. When Jacquie tasks him with documenting Fell’s Point, Frank discovers more than he expected.

History is alive, not just in the bricks that line the streets of historical communities, but in the people who cherish and preserve it. It’s much more than words in a boring textbook, much more than portraits, names and dates. But it is being lost. Buildings are torn down, rumors replace facts, and the public’s interest wanes.

Frank’s eyes are opened. He returns to Jacquie with more than just a completed assignment. He presents the stories of the people preserving history, and the unique ways they’ve done it. It’s too important, because, as he’s discovered, history is at risk.

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