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Season 1, Episode 4: Privateer Day

Why is Frank surrounded by Pirates at a Privateer Festival?  The historical difference is greater than you may realize.

Frank's Thoughts

The Privateer Festival holds an odd, but special place in my heart. It was my first introduction to Fell’s Point. After moving to the Baltimore area, I had friends tell me that I had to check out this place called “Fell’s Point.” They kept telling me how incredible it was. To check out the architecture, the bars, the record store (if you’re from around here you’ll understand the record store bit).

So, one weekend, when my wife and I were itching to get out and explore I suggested going down to this place named Fell’s Point. It was just a random weekend. How were we to know what was in store for us? We pulled into the parking garage and was greeted by almost no parking spots. We were suspicious that something had to be going on, but we didn’t know what. We ended up parking at the very top of the parking garage. When we got out, we saw someone dressed…oddly. They looked like they had walked out of Pirates of the Caribbean.

We scratched our heads and shook it off. We had heard the area was eccentric (I mean, Baltimore is the home of John Waters). Then we saw a whole family dressed as pirates. Either mass-hysteria had set in or something was going on. I walked over and asked the family why they were dressed in that manner. They replied, “It’s the Privateer Festival!”

Sure enough, once we left the parking garage, we were knee deep in a sea of pirates. That was my introduction to Fell’s Point.

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