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Crafting a Video Message that Sells

Selling Techniques

When it comes to selling, the written word has lost a lot of its punch. Instead, customers have come to find video messaging much more informative, engaging and persuasive than print ads. Although crafting a video that sells your product or service sounds simple, your message will fall short of its intent if you don’t implement proven techniques aimed at selling to your viewing audience.

Show Your Passion

You don’t need celebrity status to persuade customers to buy your product or service. In fact, you don’t need to be well known at all. What you do need is a confidence in, and a passion for, the solution you’re promoting. Audiences are highly influenced by the person delivering the video message. So if you exhibit absolute excitement about your solution, chances are your viewing audience will also get excited.

Lure Your Audience with a Challenge

Sometimes prospects make assumptions about a solution before they try it. A video message provides a great platform to challenge misconceptions that prospects may have about your product or service. For instance, if you claim that your lawn fertilizer is unlike any other lawn fertilizer on the market, acknowledge that this may be a bold claim. However, it is not an empty claim. Demonstrate how your lawn fertilizer differs from other lawn fertilizers and challenge your audience to experience it for themselves. Offering a trial period, product sample or money back guarantee are great ways to lure prospects into trying your solution.

Appeal to Your Target Client’s Emotions

Creating an emotional connection with your audience increases your chances of making the sale. It sparks an interest among prospects and, if done effectively, helps you build brand loyalty among your target audiences. To do this, you must get inside the customer’s head. Know what matters to him, and then appeal to his or her needs. When you build this type of bond, your audience will begin to trust you, your company, and the solution you’re pitching to them.

Don’t Sell the Steak. Sell the Sizzle!

Consumers are always seeking solutions, whether it is in the form of a product or service. Consequently, your ultimate goal in a video message is to articulate how your solution can solve their problem. The best way to do this is by selling the benefits that your solution offers. Think about the marketing tactics of a savvy restaurant owner. For would be diners passing by, the aroma of a sizzling steak is all the incentive they need to stop and dine. In essence, it is the sizzle that sells, not just the steak. As such, it is essential to clearly articulate the benefits (the sizzle) of your solution. In taking this approach, convince potential customers that they need, or can’t do without, your product or service. If done effectively, your solution will sell itself. The customer will not only crave your solution, he will pursue you in order to make the sale.

Focus on What Matters to Your Customers 

Although consumers want to hear how your product can help them, they also want to hear how its use may coincide with their values. For example, saving money or being frugal may be important to you audience. By highlighting how your product or service saves them money, you not only speak their language, you also resonate with one of their top values.

In another example, consider consumers who are environmentalists. Explaining how your product is environmentally friendly can be a determining factor in this audience’s buying decision. The fact is, consumers gain interest in products or services that support their personal values. Your ability communicate these unique qualities in your solution can make all the difference in their decision to buy your solution.

In closing, there are billions of consumers out there. The question is, can your message inspire and move consumers to want your solution? You answer can mean the difference between you making a sale or not.