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Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S Camera

The GH5S, the latest in the Panasonic Lumix GH line-up, was introduced in early 2018. It looks a lot like a traditional photo camera, but was “designed for video first and stills second.” We purchased it for situations where light weight and a small footprint is important, such as on a gimbal or small jib. We’ve also had good experiences using it as a wide, full-stage camera for filming long-form performances in 4K format.

Introductory Tour

This training is designed to help Tonal Vision videographers use the GH5S for the video projects we typically handle, as well as occasional still photos. The first is an "Introductory Tour".

Essential Skills

This second video is an "Essential Skills" refresher designed for a quick over-view before using the camera.


  • Introduction: 0.00
  • Lens Choice: 0:22
  • Photography: 1:54
  • Videography: 2:15
  • Focus: 2:46
  • White Balance & Exposure: 3:25
  • Quick Reminders: 5:14

Menu Choices

Finally, for reference, below are the menu options we've chosen as standard for the GH5S.

Creative Video Menu #1 of 2

Creative Video menu #2 of 2

Motion Picture menu #1 of 5

  • Record Format=MOV or MP4(LPCM) [Operating Instructions-P162]
  • Record Quality [Operating Instructions-P162]
    Always default to 29.97 unless requested otherwise
    For 4K long form performances, choose the 2nd option: 422/10bit/Long GOP 150Mbps
    For HD, e.g., on a gimbal, choose 1920x1080, 29.97, 422/10bit/ALL-1; 200Mbps unless you want variable frame rate/slow motion
    Note that VFR is not available on all settings - the menu will tell which choices allow VFR
  • Time Code [Operating Instructions-P162]
    Time Code Display=OFF
    Count Up=REC RUN
    Time Code Value=Current Time
    Time Code Mode=DF
    HDMI Time Code Output=OFF
  • Continuous AF=ON [Operating Instructions-P167]
    We are showing it on here because the camera has excellent auto focus and, in most cases where we use it, will be better than adjusting it manually
    When shooting an interview or staged shots, turn AF off; can leave camera in AFS/AFF mode (AF/AE LOCK dial) on upper rear so can push to focus
  • AF Custom Setting (video)=ON - (these are set to change slowly for dance performances; may need to change in different situations)
  • Photo Style [Operating Instructions-P221]
    This is an important choice
    We usually shoot in V-Log, which is designed for post production editing
    Other good options are Cinelike D or Cinelike V
    Can also record HDR motion pictures by choosing Hybrid Log Gamma
  • Filter Settings=OFF [Operating Instructions-P223]

Motion Picture menu #2 of 5

Motion Picture menu #3 of 5

Motion Picture menu #4 of 5

Motion Picture menu #5 of 5

Custom (C with a wrench) menu

Setup (wrench) menu

Menu settings for photo

  • Start in Intelligent Photo Mode (top dial; iA symbol)
  • Rec menu (camera symbol)
    Quality=RAW+JPEG (RAW with highest stack next to it, indicating a higher quality JPEG image) [Operating Instructions-P220]
  • See Operating Instructions page 218 for additional options