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Music & Sound Design for Film

Original Music & Sound Design

A great sound track can bring your film to life, but music and audio are never simple.

  • When filming, there is no substitute for good microphone technique. You can sometimes make the sound a little better afterward, but almost never can you really "fix it in post".
  • Music needs to be tailored to the message, the audience, and the visual style of the film. It can't compete with voices and other important sounds. Done well, it enhances the story, captivates the audience, accentuates turning points and helps builds the climax.
  • Sound design includes creating the aural atmosphere of the film (e.g., dark and moody, tense, calm, happy), accentuating visuals (e.g., feet crunching, door slamming, voice from a phone, wind in the trees), and mixing unrelated sounds to create something new, e.g., for an animated beast or for a unique opening experience.
  • During audio postproduction, a sound track is created by mixing sound and dialog recorded during filming, narration and replacement dialogue, sound effects, and music. Relative volumes are adjusted. Effects, such as reverb and distortion, may be added. Sounds may be spatially positioned for surround sound. The finished sound track may be compressed" to optimize it for playback.

Kraig Greff's unique skills, extensive industry contacts, and over 40 years experience performing and composing music in a huge variety of styles and designing sound for films, exhibits, and commercials, will help your production stand out against its competition.

Interested in working with us? Call us at 410-675-0591 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to set up a free consultation.

Frogs Exhibit

Client: National Aquarium in Baltimore
This music won a DC Peer Award, Gold for Audio Post-Original Composition

Memorable Moments: Getaways to Celebrate Life

Client: Meyer Jabara Hotels
This music won a DC Peer Award, Bronze for Audio Post-Original Composition

Viewpoint Theme Music

Client: Retirement Living Channel
This show won 5 local Emmy awards

BWI Airport Audio Installation

Clients: BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport and Xibitz, Inc.

Douglass Myers Museum Audio

Clients: Frederick Douglass Isaac Myers Maritime Park and Xibitz, Inc.