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DIY Recording Tips: 9. Acoustic Guitar

3 Mic Set-ups for Stereo Positioning

It is easy to find information on the latest recording equipment and software to spend your money on, but more difficult to learn what experts in the field have struggled to discover. In this blog series, musician/audio engineer/composer Kraig Greff gives tips on how to make better recordings of your music, even if you don't have money to spend.

This episode, Kraig explains 3 different mic set-ups for recording an acoustic guitar in stereo and demonstrates the difference in sound:

  1. Spaced Pair: 1 mic points at the 12th fret & the other at the bridge
  2. Over the Shoulder: 1 mic points at the 12th fred & the other is over the shoulder
  3. XY Pattern: mics crossed at a 90 degree angle

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Video by Tonal Vision. Chris Everett, guest. Jacquie Greff, Producer/Videographer/Editor. Frank Tybush, Director/Videographer/Editor. Additional motion graphics by Daniela Sambataro

Music composed & recorded by Kraig Greff. Dan Hones on electric bass. Chris Everett on acoustic guitar.