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Clients in the News: Conservation Kids

Our all-star client, Cheryle Franceschi, made the news when, in late 2019, her “Conservation Kids” A Green STEM Documentary (:30 promo above) began airing and streaming from several PBS stations, including Maryland Public Television, and film festivals, such as the Maryland STEM Parade at Bowie State University, Germinate International Film Festival and the Utopia Festival. The documentary continues to make the rounds in PBS and educational venues around the country.

As a former member of Carrol County’s Curriculum Council, Cheryle sees “Conservation Kids” as a way to expose students and educators to the benefits of incorporating Green STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in schools. Since Green STEM can be incorporated into every aspect of traditional STEM, including this in the curriculum can become the stepping stones to more kids making more environmentally friendly life choices as well as going on to choose careers in Green STEM.

Tonal Vision is proud to have been able to help support Cheryle with this project. We were responsible for the post production/editing of the film and also helped her film on-site interviews with Paula Longo in Wilkes-Barre, PA and Cinde Wirth in Washington, DC. Our President, Jacquie Greff, has known Cheryle for almost a decade and edited other projects for her, including her previous documentary, "Mr. Besley's Forest". Other staff members who have gotten to know Cheryle comment how impressed they are with her bravery in going from DC news to starting her own production company, Por Eco Productions/One Idea, Dos Languages.

The next project Cheryle is planning is "Food, Fiber and The Female Farmer." Stay tuned!

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