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Legal Checklist for Video Producers

Legal Issues in Film

Whether you are working on a television commercial, developing a documentary, shooting a wedding, or just trying to make money with your YouTube channel, you need to be aware of potential legal issues that apply to the film and video production industry.

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Still Photography for Video Production

There are many reasons to use a still photographer for a motion picture shoot (i.e., marketing, documentation, continuity, etc.) and usually more than one will apply. A clearly-defined shot list is the photographer's planning tool to ensure that these needs are met.

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Audio Tips for Video Editors

Audio Tips for Video

Most video editors are so "into" their craft, they jump right in to all things video. But their mind is usually on the eye candy. They can get the audio basically in and out of the project, but don't know enough or have the tools to do any real audio manipulation.

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Lookin' Good for the Video Shoot

Looking Good

Image Is Everything

Video uses images and sound to deliver a message or tell a story. An effective video requires pre-planning ("pre-production") with attention to every aspect including the appearance of talent.

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