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Accordion Étouffée: The Kraig Greff Story

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 14, 2022

Sharon Derby, Tonal Vision Marketing & Public Relations
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BALTIMORE, MD - This month Tonal Vision owner Jacquie Greff announced the start of production of a new documentary entitled “Accordion Étouffée: The Kraig Greff Story." The documentary will chronicle the life and career of her late husband, business partner and master musician, Kraig Greff.

Co-founder of the nationally-renowned zydeco/roots rock/funk group The Crawdaddies, Kraig was an accomplished composer, producer, and performer on accordion, piano and Hammond B-3 organ in numerous genres. His career included several guest accordionist appearances with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, touring with Barry White and Diana Ross, and an album with world-renowned percussionist Ron Powell.

A fiercely loyal and generous friend with a singular wit, Kraig enjoyed mentoring up-and-coming performing artists and producers. One example was Greff’s streaming series, “Mice in the Attic,” which gave a number of Baltimore musicians their first broad area exposure. During a recent on camera interview, best selling author Mat Edelson fondly remembers Kraig’s passion for his craft, “He set a very high bar for musicianship.”

“Accordion Étouffée: The Kraig Greff Story” is expected to be ready for release in 2024. You can follow production updates on the Facebook page "Accordion Étouffée: The Kraig Greff Story".

Tonal Vision, a woman-owned production company in Baltimore, MD, works with businesses, advocacy groups, filmmakers, and performing artists to create high quality video messages that promote their cause, their passion, and their livelihood.

Kraig Greff

Kraig Greff next to the Hammond B-3 at Sheffield Recordings Ltd. where he recorded his 2008 CD, Hammond' Eggs".