Our à la carte prices on this page are based on the amount of work, equipment and skill required to perform a service.  We also offer several packages with simplified pricing. In most cases, the package price is about the same as what would be calculated from the detailed à la carte pricing.

These à la carte prices are basic rates. More demanding projects may require us to contract with specialized professionals or to rent additional equipment, which could raise the price.

Please feel free to call (410-675-0591) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a detailed estimate.



We do not charge for the initial meeting to understand and plan a project. For simple projects, this single meeting is all that is needed. However, larger projects may require a script, location scouting, permits, budgeting, hiring of specialized crew, etc. Below are common pre-production expenses.

  • Producer: $300/half day ($75/hour)
  • Scriptwriting: $75/hour
  • Casting session(s): $500 & up


Production is the actual shooting of the video. Simple projects often require only a videographer, camera and basic microphone equipment. For this type of project, our rates are:

  • Videographer: $275/half day
  • Video camera and basic audio equipment: $150/half day or $200/full day

For more important video or more challenging shooting situations, common additions are:

  • Lighting - basic 3-point lighting kit: $50/day
  • Audio recordist: $275/half day *
  • Audio mobile package (high-end microphones, mixer, and recorder): $150/half day or $200/full day *
  • Production assistant: $200/half day
  • Travel: $1/mile outside the Baltimore/Washington metro area plus out-of-pocket food and lodging expenses.

For projects requiring actors and/or voice talent, commercial rates for area professionals are available on the AFTRA/SAG web page ( Even if you prefer to work with non-union talent, these rates are a helpful guide to pricing for area professionals.

* The rates for an audio recordist and audio mobile package above also apply to location audio recordings done without accompanying video.

Recording at our facility

We have space to video and/or audio record 1-2 speakers or instrumentalists. The room features state-of-the-art acoustic treatments and audio recording equipment. Cost:

  • $100/hour audio or video (includes videographer or audio engineer), plus 1/2 hour set-up
  • $150/hour video with separate high-end audio processing (includes videographer and audio engineer)


For many of our projects, at least 1/2 to 2/3 of the total budget goes into post-production. Editing of any kind is time-consuming, and the more editing, the more polished the finished piece. The following rates cover most of our services:

  • Basic video editing: $75/hour for the first 5 hours; $60/hour for additional time.
  • Specialized or more demanding editing, e.g., animation, motion graphics, audio, color correction, DVD menu design: $90/hour
  • Original music: $500 & up
  • Voice-over talent: see or
  • DVD/CD short run duplication
    • 1-10 DVDs or CDs in cases with graphic inserts and labels printed on disc: $5 each plus tax & shipping (Blu-ray copies are an additional $10)
    • 10+ DVDs or CDs in cases with graphic inserts and labels printed on disc: $3.00 each (shrink wrap option available)
    • 10+ Blu-ray discs in cases with graphic inserts and labels printed on disc: $10.00 each (shrink wrap option available)


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