Frank Tybush

Creative Director

Frank Tybush

In early 2010, Frank and his family moved to Baltimore from Buffalo, NY. A Media Studies major at the University of Buffalo, Frank already had a well-rounded background in film production, including directing, shooting, editing, and script-writing.

Frank was introduced to Tonal Vision by Bonnie Kasperek, who he had worked with in New York, and came on board to help with our 2010 spring dance recital productions, but quickly became irreplaceable.

As Creative Director, Frank is Tonal Vision's primary scriptwriter/director. He is a creative story-teller and loves exploring ideas. One of his favorite techniques is to break things down in reverse - first creating a vision of the finished picture, then working backward to determine the steps needed to get there. Frank is also personable and good with people.

Some of Frank's work: