Training Videos

Training is relatively easy when you have involved, motivated learners who have a basic understanding of the topic. For those situations, a view of the instructor supplimented by PowerPoint slides may be all that is required.

Training becomes more challenging, however, if the topic is emotional or difficult, the trainee does not realize the need to change, or participant buy-in is very important. In those situations, effective scriptwriting, skilled communicators, appropriate supporting visuals, and high-quality video production can make a huge difference.

Tonal Vision can provide you with custom training videos prepared by talented professionals within budgets that the larger agencies can't meet. Check out samples of our work below, then call us at 410-675-0591 or email us for more information or to set up a free consultation.

  • Easing into Yoga

    Easing Into Yoga with Linda Howard • Client: Linda Howard
    Producer/Designer: Jacquie Greff • Music: Kraig Greff
    Videographer/Editors: Kim Shapiro, Bonnie Kasperek & Jacquie Greff

  • Bridging the Gap

    Client: Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland
    Producer/Videographer: Jacquie Greff
    Audio & original music: Kraig Greff • Scriptwriter: Linda Fausnet
    Lighting: Henry P. Hopkins, III
    Production Manager: Bonnie Kasperek
    Editor: Michael Pinkin
    See end credits for a complete list of acting and support credits

  • Lexi-Comp

    Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry Promotional video
    Client: Lexi-Comp
    Producer/Videographer: Jacquie Greff • Editor: Bonnie Kasperek

  • Child Sexual Abuse

    "Catholic Charities' ChildSafe Program" • Client: Catholic Charities
    Producer/Videographer: Jacquie Greff • Audio: Kraig Greff
    Editor: Michael Pinkin

  • Digital Photography Unleashed

    Digital Photography Unleashed:  Taking Wildly Great Pictures
    Client: • Producer/ Videographe/Editor: Jacquie Greff